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Freshboard Nomad 3.0

The NOMAD consist of a permanent reusable Suitcase and customizable sleeve called Freshboard™ and fits perfectly onto the Coolio unit. Its attractive design offers brands the ability to promote fresh products in various retail environments.

Freshboard nomad with pop up header 01

  • Easy-to-set-up cardboard sleeve (Freshboard™) that fits perfect on the e-Coolio unit
  • Offering variable temperatures between 1 and 6 °C
  • Enviro-friendly changeable cardboard sleeve
  • 360° transparent windows to guarantee a maximum product visibility
  • high-impact customizable corrugated Freshboard™ sleeve on 4 sides
  • Weight Freshboard™: 2,2 kg - weight plexi: 8,4 kg - weight suitcase: 2,7 kg
  • Dimensions: H x W x D 1015 x 600 x 600 mm
  • Optional: interchangeable pop-up header/top-card
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''Product accessibility is a key challenge, which is why we opted for the Coolio Concept to create extra awareness & stimulate trial and impulse of Danone The Greek.''
DanoneChris Blake, Head of Store Category Management, Netherlands
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