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Cyprus 10 points!
Cyprus 10 points
Another impressive Coolio and Freshboard™ execution at Cyprus Airport, showcasing 6 Freshboards offering passengers “fresh-food-for-flight''.

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Taste the Future
Taste the future
Come and discover the Coolio advantages at the ANUGA, the world’s largest and most important food and beverage fair in Cologne from 10.-14.10.2015.

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Our secret weapon: Chilled theatralisation in the key!
Our secret weapon chilled theatralisation in the key
The cooling market is a tough market to crack, but our competitive advantages, innovative ideas, driven engagement, years of experience, and a worldwide network of creative Coolio-partners are our guarantee for your in-store experience.

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Showcasing inspiring shop-in-shop creations
Showcasing inspiring shop in shop creations
We pride ourselves of creating and delivering truly iconic short-term promotional cooling solutions and in-store activations for our customers to ensure their brands really stand out in what is often a cluttered retail environment.

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Our clients about the Coolio opportunities
''By using a combination of Coolio with a roll banner we achieved results that lifted sales up 18 times.''
Johan ElsingaFrieslandCampina, The Netherlands
Schweppes monster
''Units were a hit with the retailers easy to set up & no maintenance during test Key learning: keep a rolling promo program operating across duration of placement so that the unit continues to retain relevance to the retailer & customer and does not get shifted to a lesser in-store position.''
Schweppes Senior MarketeerSchweppes Monster, Australia
Oscar mayer
We are completely satisfied with the services and attention obtained from AIM/Coolio Mexico. The fact they are constantly showing us their creative, innovative and highly functional products and proposals is something we are assessing in a very positive way.
Hugo Garza CervantesOscar Mayer, Mexico
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