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Taste the freshness!
Taste the freshness
A night without kids, boyfriends or husbands, that’s what ''Ladies at the Movies @ Kinepolis” stands for.
Our customer Pietercil covered this trade channel by offering fresh Tapas & Olives, all in accordance with the new and healthy consumer requirements.

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Maximise the reach of your message
Maximise the reach of your message
It is not only what you are selling, but also how you present yourself or your products! All you need is the right tool to maximise the chances of that happening.

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Greek passion & devotion on the floor
Greek passion devotion on the floor
Now that everyone is looking for the best flavor - quality combination in their diet, Creta Farms’ goal is to approach all consumers, by giving its full range of products a daily meal character, while covering everyone’s needs.

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Shaping the future
Shaping the future
Coolio and Digital Coolio were mentioned in a review article about ANUGA 2015 in FoodBev.com magazine. ''Two more technical favourites of the day include the Coolio range of chillers – some with digital screens that connect to your mobile phone should you choose to zap it and give you a more personalised experience.'' How great is that!?

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Our clients about the Coolio opportunities
''Product accessibility is a key challenge, which is why we opted for the Coolio Concept to create extra awareness & stimulate trial and impulse of Danone The Greek.''
Chris Blake, Head of Store Category ManagementDanone, Netherlands
''By using a combination of Coolio with a roll banner we achieved results that lifted sales up 18 times.''
Johan ElsingaFrieslandCampina, The Netherlands
Schweppes monster
''Units were a hit with the retailers easy to set up & no maintenance during test Key learning: keep a rolling promo program operating across duration of placement so that the unit continues to retain relevance to the retailer & customer and does not get shifted to a lesser in-store position.''
Schweppes Senior MarketeerSchweppes Monster, Australia
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