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From Köttbullar to Pasta al Pomodoro
From koettbullar to pasta al pomodoro
The choice is all yours!
Lantmännen recently promoted their fresh & healthy GOOH lunch varieties in various Swedish supermarkets by using the Coolio & Freshboard Concept.

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Dairy Goodness.
Dairy goodness
When it comes to getting milk from the farmers to a fridge, we love to step in the game.

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Tulip, a global meat processing company, launched the perfect cross merchandising campaign at the right time.

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Bitesized deliciousness!
Bitesized deliciousness
Goodbye to in-store boredom. Bel Group is taking fresh promotions to the next level with this Dumpbin Freshboard made for Babybel.

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Our clients about the Coolio opportunities
''Product accessibility is a key challenge, which is why we opted for the Coolio Concept to create extra awareness & stimulate trial and impulse of Danone The Greek.''
Chris Blake, Head of Store Category ManagementDanone, Netherlands
''By using a combination of Coolio with a roll banner we achieved results that lifted sales up 18 times.''
Johan ElsingaFrieslandCampina, The Netherlands
Schweppes monster
''Units were a hit with the retailers easy to set up & no maintenance during test Key learning: keep a rolling promo program operating across duration of placement so that the unit continues to retain relevance to the retailer & customer and does not get shifted to a lesser in-store position.''
Schweppes Senior MarketeerSchweppes Monster, Australia
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