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COOLIO advantages

  1. Short term promotions for chilled products
  2. Great cooling capacity: from 3°C to 7°C
  3. Delivery possible with non-technical sales or merchandisers
  4. Easy to install: plug and play
  5. Great branding possibilities with high visual impact
  6. Installation time: 5 - 10 minutes
  7. 100% recyclable materials
  8. Strong casing (life cycle 3 - 5 years)

Give it your own style

Below some of the realized Freshboard™ production worldwide

Discover how other retailers use Coolio
Discover how other retailers use Coolio

The famous "only 5 minutes" install

Changing the unique FRESHBOARD™ in-store
will only take 5 minutes

Watch more how-to movies
Watch more how-to movies

How-to movies

Where can you use it?

The impact ratio of semi-permanent fixtures is between 2-34%...
Promotional displays are 17-55%!

The world of Coolio™ & Freshboard™

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